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Mold Remediation Company in Rockville MD

We are a cleanup and restoration company that takes pride in providing top-quality restoration services in Rockville, MD. Our services are available to home-owners in different localities, and we are still expanding to other areas. To us, the quality of mold remediation services that we provide is our primary motivation. We are always looking to provide the best black mold restoration services that make our clients feel that we did our best.

What we do

Our company mainly deals with water cleanup and mold remediation services. We do our best to ensure that the black mold level in your home goes down to natural levels, giving you peace of mind. What's more? We use the best remediation process to ensure that mold problems will be a thing of the past in your Rockville home.

Why choose us?

We use our expertise and state of the art equipment to ensure that we deliver mold remediation services of the highest quality to our customers. Besides, our staff comprises highly skilled members who are always on a mission to deliver the best mold remediation services possible.

How we remove mold

Even though you might think that mold remediation process is quite an easy task which can be done as a DIY job, it's actually more complicated. That's why we advise all Rockville homeowners to hire experts with the right know-how and excellent remediation equipment to tackle mold issues.

When removing mold in your Rockville home, we do so by following a series of steps that include:

  • 1. Inspection The inspection process involves general mold damage assessment all around your property. We do our best to identify the cause of mold development in your home, which is mostly moisture.
  • 2. Closing off This step is important, as it prevents the spread of mold spores to other areas of your home or business. We generally close off the affected area and deal with it till it's clear to be accessed once again.
  • 3. Air filtration We then ensure that the air is not contaminated to prevent further spread of mold spores through the air.
  • 4. Removing mold and all infested items This is the most detailed process that involves using the right equipment and processes to get rid of the moisture and black mold in your Rockville home. We also have to remove all infested items so that no traces of mold will be left hence encourage resurfacing of the issue.
  • 5. Cleaning contents and caring for belongings The contained surface has to be thoroughly cleaned using a disinfectant to discourage regrowth of mold. Caring for belongings is also important so that none of them will be exposed to conditions that encourage the growth of mold.
  • 6. Restoration Depending on the damage caused by mold, we also engage a remediation procedure to ensure that the affected surface is back the way it was. After we are through with the removal process, we also advise you on what you can do to prevent mold in the future.
  • Brief description of Rockville MD

    Rockville, located in Maryland is among the many cities that we serve. It's one of the oldest towns in Maryland and traces its origins back to colonial America. Being a large city, you can expect a lot in terms of nature, having parks such as Rock Creek regional park, and others.

    With many lakes including Lake Frank, Lake Needwood, and other water bodies, conditions here are greatly conducive for mold growth. Besides, the climate of the city also creates a habitable condition for black mold, which should be a major concern in many Rockville homes.

    Why consider hiring professionals?

    Even though some sources out there might encourage you to get rid of mold by yourself, don't fall into such a trap. Trying to eliminate black mold on your own can make the situation worse and encourage the spread of spores if you use the wrong process and remediation equipment. Besides, being exposed to black mold can have some severe negative effects on your health, which might add to your problems.

    We have the necessary expertise, experience, and tools that are needed in mold remediation processes, which is why hiring us only makes sense.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Remember that the wrong mold remediation process can lead to spreading across more surfaces, making you spend even more. In general, we try and make the remediation process hassle-free for all Rockville residents, giving you peace of mind because you deserve it. So wait no more! in touch with us today so that we can simplify the mold restoration process in your Rockville home for you.

    FAQ about Mold Remediation in Rockville MD

    1. What is a mold remediation?

    Mold remediation is the identification, removal and decontamination of mould that has taken hold and grown rampant in a building. This includes not just homes but also places of work. Along with identification and removal it also includes steps to be taken for future mold prevention. If left undisturbed mold can overwhelm any building and disintegrate cellulose based materials like wood and ceiling tiles. Apart from structural damage mold can also be very hazardous to your health causing many serious illnesses from respiratory infections to aggravating allergies.

    2. How is a mold test done?

    There are different methods of testing to identify the mold in your home or workplace. Some forms of mold can be more toxic than others. On average the cost of a mold inspection can range from $250 to $300. The two most common types of tests are:

    • Swab test: Using a cotton swab to wipe surfaces, it is then sealed in an airtight container to be tested in a laboratory for closer examination. This is the most basic form of mold testing that a mold removal professional would do.
    • Air cell testing: Commonly done in combination with a swab test. An air sample is taken using special equipment. The unit measures the number of mold spores present in the air.

    3. How does mold remediation work?

    Mold remediation is the removal and decontamination of mold from your home or workplace. Mold that is left untreated can be very hazardous to your health and can cause great damage to a property. Mold inspections and remediations are two separate services but both are needed to be done concurrently. Firstly a professional will inspect the presence of mold in the premises and take a sample that will be analyzed to determine the type of mold present. On average mold inspections can cost $250 to $300. After assessing the severity of the situation and the materials needed, the professional will then begin to remove the mold using strong chemicals.

    4. Is mold damage covered by insurance?

    Unfortunately mold damage to your property may or may not be covered by insurance. It may be covered if the mold is a direct result of accidents covered by homeowner's insurance. If for example a pipe bursts and floods your home, the plumbing repair along with mold remediation would be covered. If however the mold is a result of long standing neglect that has been ignored such as slow leaks, then the mold remediation costs would not be covered. Insurance companies can and may seek to determine if a mold colony is a result of neglect. If it is determined that the neglect was indeed the cause of the mold, then the cost of the remediation would not be covered by insurance.

    5. How much does it cost to clean up mold?

    The cost of mold remediation can vary greatly. It depends on the extent of the mold, local labour rates and easy access to the site that needs to be cleaned. One factor that can ramp up the cost is if any demolition is needed. Additionally the costs will rise if the mold cleaning professionals need to access hard to reach areas such as; HVAC vents. More resilient and aggressive mold colonies do require more powerful chemicals and careful procedures which would also add to the bill. The average cost is $3,400 (including inspection) which is equivalent to a 15 square feet sized property with an easily accessible area and a less aggressive strain of mold.

    6. Can you do mold remediation yourself?

    While many people like to take a DIY approach to structural problems in the home and the workplace, mold infestations are a case for the professionals. Mold can be toxic and proper precautions must be taken, many of which would be unknown to the average person. The list of equipment needed to tackle a mold problem can be a long one. Usually the following equipment is needed; respiratory masks, coveralls, cleaning chemicals, air scrubbers, vacuums and more. The cost of the materials needed and the risk to your health in a do it yourself approach would be an ill adviced venture. Always seek the help of professionals to clear a mold problem in your home or workplace.

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